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Puppets Amongus in action!

Enjoy the following short films and interviews.

El Sueño de Frida

Puppets Amongus delves into Frida Kahlo's colorful subconscious in this tribute to the iconic painter and her husband, Diego Rivera. This presentation combines hand and shadow puppets with live accordion, to tell a tumultuous love story. The surrealist drama takes place in the painter's studio on El Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Film by Charlotte Early

Plucky's First Day

A self important human experiences compassion and raises a young condor deep in the Carpathian mountains - puppet show.
Film by Tom Hodgeson of Industrail Mice and Rabbits. Puppeteering by Matt Cotten, Eric Wagner and Tom Hodgeson. Solo piano by Jimmy Carr.

On the Playa

A site-specific performance.

Film by Tom Hodgeson of Industrail Mice and Rabbits. 

PBS Interview with Puppets Amongus

Matt, Sarah and sheep answer questions and bottle feed for this PBS interview.

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