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Information for Parents

Create a magical birthday party, your child will never forget!


With a handmade cast of lovable characters, beautiful staging, and live music - Puppets Amongus inspires joy in children of all ages. Watch imagination spring to life, and book a puppet show today!

Bring Puppets Amongus to your party!

A wonderful puppet show is the easy way to make your child's birthday dreams come true. We bring our puppets and portable staging to your party. We can perform in the park, your back yard or living room, and a variety of other venues. 

Kids Party Shows

See the selection of whimsical stories we can perform for birthday parties and children's events. 

Custom Themed Kids Shows

Let Puppets Amongus create whatever show your child wants! We can design shows based on the theme of your party, your child's favorite story or other inspiration. Please contact us for details. 

General Information (FAQs)

When you come to our party, what kind of space is needed for the show? 

We need a space approximately 5 feet by 4 feet for our portable stage. We require an hour prior to the performance to set up the show.         

How do I book a show?

Contact us by email or phone, and we'll be happy to help you.

How much does it cost?

You can read more about our pricing by visting our pricing page.

Are your shows appropriate for my child's age group?

There is just something about puppets, and children of all ages are captivated by them. Based on your child's age, we will recommend the Puppets Amongus show which is most appropriate. Also, each of our shows can be altered a bit, to cater to different age groups. We find that even very young toddlers have great attention span for our stories. 

How long will the show be?

Shows for birthday parties (and other children's parties) are 25-30 minutes long. Children of all ages are happy to pay attention to our shows that are this length.  Kids love puppets, so book a show now!

"The shows are great fun for the children, and the parents are laughing along. The musical tales provide a central gathering point for the party and then we have cake afterwards. I’ve come to depend on it!”

-Charlotte Holst Reilley, Parent

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