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Shows for Your Event

An audience of all ages will enjoy a Puppets Amongus show!

Our shows feature spectacular puppets with live accoustic music! 

Punch and Judy

Enjoy a hearty laugh, just as they did in ye olde worlde. Performed traditionally, this show is complete with swazzles and the ridiculous misdeeds of our favorite fool, Mr. Punch. This one is not for kids!

Gingerbread Man

Join Coyote and Chef Pompidou in this southwestern re-telling of the classic tale.

The Silken Thread

The glistening story of how silk was discovered when a cocoon fell into a Chinese Empress' cup of tea. A magical adventure of dreams and dragons, "The Silken Thread" is a journey into the land of legend.


A very clever princess saves the day...with a paper bag! Inspired by Robert Munsch's, "The Paper Bag Princess"


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