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Event Planners

Let us entertain you, with interactive spectacle!

Giant body puppets, shadow art and hand puppet shows, for audiences of all ages!

We perform at museums, festivals, galas, corporate events, bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, and parties of all kinds.

Our Acts

Giant Puppets

Ten foot tall handmade characters mingle with the crowd, performing a series of short theatrical pieces. These larger-than-life characters, amaze and inspire the audience, with humor and beauty. Each puppet is actually a huge costume, with the puppeteer inside, animating it.








Shadow Art

We create shadow puppet installations which add artistic, ambient entertainment to your event. From behind a lit screen, Puppets Amongus manipulates our finely made shadow characters to tell stories and create intrigue. Shadow puppetry can be performed with live music- our musicians or yours.








Hand Puppet Shows

We come to your event with our cast of handmade puppets, live music, and delightful stories to tell. We have a variety of stories to choose from on our "Shows for Your Event" page. We can also create a custom show based on the theme of your event. Typically our hand puppet shows are for a family audience. However, we do offer a traditional Punch and Judy act, (not for kids!) and, we can be commissioned to do a puppet show "Roast." 






How much does a Puppets Amongus performance cost?

Please contact us to discuss pricing.

What kind of space do I need for a Puppets Amongus performance?

Puppets Amongus can perform almost anywhere. We arrive ready to go with our puppets, staging and props. We will cater the performance to fit your event perfectly!

I am planning an event with a certain theme. Can you represent that theme in your show?

Yes! We enjoy creating performances that celebrate seasonal festivities or specific concepts. Tell us what you envision, and we will bring it to life- with puppets!


"Puppets Amongus is a wonderful asset to any event..their performances are very engaging and entertaining!"  

-Brooke Sanders-Silverman, Director of Education, Children's Museum Tucson

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