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Shows for Schools and Libraries

The hilarious and beautiful antics of Puppets Amongus... an enchanting experience, they'll always remember.

Shows we feature in schools and libraries:

The Gingerbread Man

Join Coyote and Chef Pompidou for this ridiculous re-telling of the classic tale. 


A very clever princess saves the day. . with a paper bag! Inspired by Robert Munsch's "The Paper Bag Princess"

The Silken Thread

This is the glistening story of how silk was discovered when a cocoon fell into a Chinese Empress' cup of tea. A magical adventure of dreams and dragons, the "Silken Thread" is a journey into the land of legend.

Birthday Parties Too!

Watch your childs' party come to life! Book a show with Puppets Amongus.

To find out more about Puppets Amongus Birthday Parties please read our For Parents page.

Feel free to contact us with questions!



"There is something very special about Matt Cotten and his puppetry. He carries with him a deep knowledge and a genuine, true artistry that informs his performance and teaching.  My students loved working with him."   

-Lorie Heald, Drama teacher at St. Gregory School, Tucson, AZ

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