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Past Work

Check out some of Puppets Amongus' past performances. We're always actively making new work, and below is just a sampling of the many, many shows we've created over the years.  

The Case of the Stolen Smell

Have you ever seen a puppet cook? These Japanese allegories, which feature Judge Ooka, delight us with humor, nuance and savory aroma. A blend of hand, rod, and shadow puppetry, this show delights all. 

The Tinker’s Wedding

Two lovers from distant corners of the world weave their stories together.  The layers of their life become a series of spectacular vignettes; featuring  experimental puppetry and the eclectic sounds of the Awkward Moments. Some adult puppet content may occur!

Keith Haring Underground

Keith Haring, the 1980's graffiti artist turned superstar, lives again in this urban tale. Watch in amazement as the puppet himself, paints Haring's familiar line drawings- right on the stage! This show was created for the Tucson Museum of Art, in collaboration with their Andy Warhol and Keith Haring exhibition in 2010.

Calabash Kids

In this North African Tale, a lonely old woman wishes for the company of children. While she is at the market, the audience watches, as two gourds transform into real babies. An artful portrayal of folk magic, this show is enchanting for the whole family.

Pretty Polly and the Matches

In this adaptation of the strange German fairy tales “Shock Headed Peter,” the audience is both charmed and unnerved.  An alluring example of the macabre, this story is visually rich and beautifully told.

Horny Toad Tales

Horny Toad leads the way as she adventures with a lovable cast of Desert Critters.

The Betel Nut Story

Finely made shadow puppets bring to life the intrigue of this tradtional Malaysian folktale.

Plucky's First Day

A self-important human experiences compassion and raises a young condor in the Carpathian mountains. "Plucky's First Day" is a Puppets Amongus collaboration with Tom Hodgeson's Industial Mice and Rabbits, and with puppeteer, Eric Wagner. Music by Jimmy Carr.


"Kids in the audience get to be a part of the show!  They add their excitement and wonder to the incredible puppets and entertaining act.  Who needs movies when we can take the kids to see a live puppet show!"

-Jessica Ugstad

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