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Associated Institutions

Making Connections

Puppets Amongus enjoys vital partnerships with some of Tucson's most exciting museums and institutions. We perform, on location, at their many varied events. We custom design shows to correspond with museums' exhibition and festival themes. Stay tuned to our Upcoming Events, to catch our next act!

Children's Museum Tucson

Puppet Amongus frequently performs at CMT's festivals. Our shows are customized to fit in with the museum's seasonal celebrations. At the Children's Museum Tucson we have presented hand puppet shows, giant parade puppets, and workshops.

An adventure learning experience, CMT is Southern Arizona's only children's museum. A visit will find you enjoying the numerous interactive exhibits, daily hands on activities and monthly special events. 

The Phoenix Symphony

Puppets Amongus has enjoyed working creatively with the Phoenix Symphony to design and perform with giant puppets that correlate with the chosen music and event. Because of their large scale, the puppets make a statement in the expansive environment of Symphony Hall.

The Phoenix Symphony has been proudly serving the citezens of the Phoenix metropolitan area and Arizona since 1947.

Tucson Museum of Art

Puppets Amongus is a frequent guest at the TMA's Picture This! free family programming. We also entertain at the museums festive evening events. We specialize is creating custom shows based on current exhibitions at the TMA. Such shows include "All Tomorrow's Parties" and "Keith Haring: Underground" based on the artwork of Andy Warhol and Keith Haring.

The TMA broadens public access to the arts, enriching daily lives through inspiring exhibits and programming

Mini-time Machine: Museum of Minatures

What better collaboration than a museum of miniatures, and puppetry? Puppets Amongus has presented it's shows at the Mini-time Museum to a delighted audience of all ages.

Be transported through different eras by the stories and history of the world of miniatures.

University of Arizona Poetry Center

Poetry and puppetry are two forms of storytelling that reach across the generations. Puppets Amongus enjoys participating in the UA Poetry Center's active community calendar.

The University of Arizona Poetry Center is a living archive, founded in 1960 to maintain and cherish the spirit of poetry. The Poetry Center aims to promote poetic literacy and sustain, enrich, and advance a diverse literary culture.

Mat Bevel Institute: Museum of Kinetic Art

Puppets Amongus has enjoyed a collaborative relationship with the Mat Bevel Institute since 1998.

Home to the "outsider art" of sculptor Mat Bevel, this Museum of Kinetic Art is a fascinating journey into the world of movement and expressive form.

"Kids in the audience get to be a part of the show!  They add their excitement and wonder to the incredible puppets and entertaining act.  Who needs movies when we can take the kids to see a live puppet show!"

-Jessica Ugstad

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