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About Us

Psst... there are puppets among us!


Enjoy the finely crafted fun of a hand puppet show! Experience the larger-than-life sensation of giant puppets! Be enveloped by the artful allure of shadow puppetry!

Puppets Amongus brings art to the people and reaches across the generations. Book a show and experience the joy of Puppets Amongus.

What We Do 

With an artistic, handmade cast of characters, finely made staging and live acoustic music we create spectacle and tell tales.  We bring old world storytelling, and experimental theater, to audiences in the Southwest and beyond.

We present puppet shows, parades, event entertainment and improvised street theater. Some of our shows are written by us, some are inspired by folklore from around the world.

We make and work with a variety of puppetry styles- shadow puppets, hand puppets and  giant carnival-style puppets, bringing the viewer a multi-layered, sensory experience.

Our Shows and Events

Puppets Amongus is pleased to present our wonderful Tucson theater- The Playhouse! Come see our next act! We also can come to you, and perform at a variety of events such as children's birthdays, festivals, museums, corporate events, and parties of all kinds. Join our Mailing List to see what the puppets will bring next!

Who We Are

Matt Cotten is the Artistic Director of Puppets Amongus. He writes, fabricates and performs our presentations. His passion for puppetry grew out of his rich history as a visual and performing artist. He is one of the original artistic directors of Tucson's famous All Souls Procession, as well as being the co-founder and co-director of his past troupe,Tucson Puppet Works. He is also a painter and for more than ten years taught painting and drawing at the University of Arizona. He has 17 years experience as a puppeteer.

Matt works and performs with his wife, Sarah Cotten. Sarah is a holistic health coach and yoga instructor. She is also the Marketing Manager of Puppets Amongus.

Live acoustic musical accompaniment is integral to Puppets Amongus. Our esteemed musicians include Jimmy Carr on accordion, Braford Trogan and his One-Man-Band, Ryan Eggleston from Golden Boots on his upright bass, and Hadji Banjovi on banjo.

Film by Tom Hodgeson's Industrial Mice and Rabbits, featuring Puppets Amongus

Our Intention

We revive the ancient art of storytelling with hand sculpted puppets, humor and song. Our work is an interactive art form- that blurs the line between performer and audience. Our projects are site and time specific, custom made to respond to the accompanying event, season or environment. Puppets Amongus activates imaginations! Book a show for your event!


Puppets Amongus collaborates with some of the best theatre groups and musicians in Arizona. We are honored to have worked with The Arizona Theatre Co., The Phoenix Symphony, and The Rogue Theatre.

(The image at right is a Puppets Amongus mask made for the Rogue Theatre. Photo by Time Fuller)








The Art of Puppetry

Puppets Amongus performs shows at our Playhouse, as well as in museums, schools, libraries, festivals, parks, yoga studios, living rooms and backyards. We believe in the potential of simple materials- paper, cloth, wire and voice. A  fantastic spectacle is joined with acoustic, often improvised music. Puppets Amongus offers joyful entertainment to people of all ages. Sign up for our mailing list, and we'll see you at the show!




"Kids in the audience get to be a part of the show!  They add their excitement and wonder to the incredible puppets and entertaining act.  Who needs movies when we can take the kids to see a live puppet show!"

-Jessica Ugstad

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